About Us

Hello, I'm Marquez Williams out of Athens, Ga and I absolutely love socks. Socks have become a part of who I am. In this biograph, I’ll write to give you more information on who I am and what I’ve been up to. I am currently a professional football player. I have been playing football since the 4th grade. After my days of playing in college for Mars Hill University and The University of Miami, I was drafted in the 2017 NFL Draft by the Jacksonville Jaguars. I later played for the Cleveland Browns. I signed contracts with the Atlantic City Blackjacks (Arena League Football) and the Houston Roughnecks (XFL). And while I continue to pursue those dreams, I want to spread my love of socks with you all. Only with your help and support will I be able to do so. I look forward to concentrating on each individual order and providing the best service possible.

Pop’s Socks was started by myself, Marquez Williams. As a sock enthusiast and lover, socks became a big part of my wardrobe. Not just any socks though. Any crazy, wild cool wacky socks were what I was interested in. Socks that really showed my personality without me saying a word. After one day sitting around and always observing others socks, I chose to sell them myself. I have brought countless pairs of socks over the years and my fiancé has spent a fair share of money on socks for myself as well. I thought why not provide socks for others who love socks just as much as myself.

The word "Pop’s" come from my playing days at The University of Miami (The U). When enrolling and beginning to play ball, head coach Mark Richt decided to give me the name "Pop’s." I was probably the oldest guy on the team and the only one with a bald head so I really fit the description. Pop’s was a name that stuck with me and I embraced during my time in South Florida. I look forward to providing you with great socks to show off and customer service that meets your standards. I hope you all can enjoy the socks we will provide and we look forward to you helping us continue to grow.